Tip of the week: An essential email privacy tool

Masked email with Abine Blur

Handing out your email address online can always feel like a bit of a gamble, which is why I've been singing the praises of Abine Blur ever since an Advisorator subscriber introduced me to it a year ago.

Abine Blur generates masked email addresses that forward to your actual inbox, so you can give them out whenever you'd rather not reveal your true address. The sender only sees the masked email (which looks like "gx2bhfw3155w@opayq.com"), and you can disable or delete these addresses on Abine's website. Doing so prevents the sender from ever being able to contact you again.

Blocking senders in Abine Blur

Masked email is perfect for retail sites that offer coupons in exchange for your email address, charitable organizations that abuse your generosity with nonstop requests for more donations, and any other site you don't fully trust to treat your inbox with respect. It can also help you get extra free trials from services that require a unique email address.

One caveat: Abine's browser extension for Chrome or Firefox is great for generating masked addresses directly inside web sign-up forms, but it also includes a lot of superfluous features. After installing it, click on the extension, then click Settings > Settings for All Sites and disable what you don't need. (I only use it for masked email, and rely on other extensions like Bitwarden for passwords and uBlock Origin for ad blocking.)

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